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Nine Silver Bells

The Annual Show and Awards

Diana DoernbergAnnette Wilson

Judging at Medina was as difficult as ever for Diana Doernberg and Annette Wilson ....

Gene Darrah & Sue FeldmanDiana & Linda Coombesgary Powell & Jazzmewsic

Here are some of the happy winners :-
(Left) Gene Darrah with Sue Feldman and "Uncle Tom"
(Center) Diana Doernberg with Linda Coombes and "Varsity"
(Right) Gary Powell with JoAnn Powell and Karol Cooper, and "Rhapsody in Blue" and "Qirri"

Diana's Birthday

Diana Doernberg celebrated her birthday at the show - and it didn't pass unnoticed (thanks to Gene Darrah)


Medina was a wonderful event with many friends and "lots of ribbons"


... but all this partying wears you out ....

So - until the next show ....

White Persian

Nine Silver Bells

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