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A Message From the SCBF Board

Welcome to the Sacred Cat of Burma Fanciers (SCBF) web page. SCBF is the oldest Birman cat club in America. Browsing through our web page, you will find photo galleries celebrating CFA's most beautiful Birmans, as well as award winners from our annual SCBF show in August.

There are two sections for Birman photos. One is a section honoring CFA Grand Champions and award winners bred and owned by our club members. The other section is less formal and honors birmans who may or may not have achieved titles, and may be wonderful show/breeder cats or wonderful and loved birman pets (also belonging to our club members). If you would like to submit a photo for either section of our website, please review the information you can find at the start of each photo section.

SCBF continues to grow and to thrive as a cat club. We are fortunate to have a large group of working members and an active, democratic board whose goals reflect our dedication to our breed. Our organization also celebrates the unique and special human companions who care for the mysterious and gentle feline known as The Sacred Cat of Burma. Enjoy our web page!

One of our goals as a club is to help provide good placements for both kittens and older, retired cats who might be looking for new homes. And sometimes, sadly, Birmans are in situations which necessitate their rescue. To accommodate these needs, we have a Breeder Referral Service which you can access by pressing the Breeder Referral paw print.  

Baby RiskyBirman fanciers have a great interest in and generate a great deal of discussion about the mysterious origin of our breed. To learn about the early history of the Birman in the United States, Europe and parts unknown, click on the paw print titled Birman History. 

Each summer, on the fourth week-end of August, SCBF hosts its annual show at Medina, Ohio. This cat show is so much fun that people begin arriving on Wednesday, three days before the show even begins! It's really more of a convention than a cat show, and the centerpiece of the entire wonderful party is the Birman cat. We typically have more than one-hundred Birmans in attendance. At the show, we also hold our annual meeting. To learn more about our annual show, press the paw print marked Annual Show. 

The paw print marked Photo Gallery will show you some of CFA's top scoring Birmans over the years as well as many of the lavishly awarded cats who have attended our annual show. If you came here to see beautiful Birmans, you came to the right place! 

This web site also connects with other Birman related web sites, to ease your access to further information about our breed. 

We hope you enjoy your tour of Sacred Cat of Burma Fanciers, Inc. Web Page. It has been a great deal of fun constructing it for you.


The Board of SCBF



This organization is affiliated with the Cat Fanciers' Association, Inc. Membership in the Sacred Cat of Burma Fanciers Club is open to people who share a common interest in its objectives and of the cat fancy in general.

The objectives of SCBF are :

  1. To encourage the breeding to standard of the Sacred Cat of Burma (Birman).
  2. To educate breeders and exhibitors to one standard for the Sacred Cat of Burma.
  3. To promote interest in and knowledge of the breed through education and educational materials.
  4. To provide constructive information for the improvement and advancement of the Sacred Cat of Burma.
  5. To advance in every way possible the interest of breeders and exhibitors as well as owners of the Sacred Cat of Burma.
  6. To promote the welfare of the Sacred Cat of Burma and all cats.
  7. To promote and encourage kindness to all felines and assist in the prevention of cruelty and maltreatment of all cats.
  8. To cultivate friendship throughout the world, among breeders, exhibitors and owners of the Sacred Cat of Burma.

The current Club Officers are :

Board of Directors :